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Hesse Regional Elections on 28/10/2018

Tackle the task instead of sitting out: That is what I stand for, dear fellow citizens.

Affordable housing, schools with top facilities, fewer lesson cancellations and better connections between urban and rural areas – this is what I strive for.
As your Prime Minister, I will tackle these tasks immediately. This requires a change of government. After 19 years, the CDU in Hesse have run out of steam. Too many things were neglected for too long: Many people are burdened by permanent traffic congestions on the streets, lack of teachers and constantly rising rents.
Use your vote to bring about a wind of change for Hesse – and I promise you my full commitment!

Sincerely yours

Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel


1. Modernise our schools.

End 19 years of investment backlog – put a stop to dilapidated buildings, obsolete technology and delayed upgrading of all-day schools. We will establish schools where all children have the equal opportunities.

2. Improve city-country connections.
We will invest in roads and railways, buses and trains and promote rural areas. We will take action against permanent traffic jams and overcrowded buses and trains. So that in future people can live and work wherever they want to.

3. Facilitate good day care centres – free of charge.
We strive for real fees exemption: For all ages and all-day care in nurseries and day-care centres. The shortage of educators must be eliminated and their working conditions fundamentally improved.

4. Strengthen integration and cohesion.
Whoever wants to be Hessian, is Hessian: We fight right-wing extremism, xenophobia and discrimination. We promote equal opportunities for all people in Hesse, e.g. by facilitating recognition of foreign qualifications.

5. Create affordable housing.
Housing is the new social issue. Therefore, we will build 30,000 additional, affordable rental apartments over the next five years. fight speculation on property and ensure better protection for tenants.

Facilitate good schools and free day care

We need schools with the best facilities. Parents are fed up with a lack of teachers and cancelled lessons. Teachers need work relief and appreciation. This also applies for educators. We want good day-care centres with real fees exemption. Our goal is to give all children an equal start to life. The CDU Hesse had 19 years to achieve this. It’s time for change!

This is what Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel and the SPD in Hesse envisage:

  • Modern schools and modern teaching.
  • Real exemption of fees – from the nursery to the master craftsman’s certificate or the master’s degree.
  • Pedagogically meaningful all-day school offers according to the actual requirements.
  • State-of-the-art teacher training and an emergency action plan against the shortage of teachers and educators.
  • Fair opportunities for education and support tailored to the children’s needs.

Improved city-country connections

Hesse is in a traffic congestion. Every day. We want to finally resolve the traffic jams in our state. In the cities, in the conurbation, between city and country and from village to village. That’s why we primarily want to improve public transport. Roads and railway services are ruined by continuous underfunding, now the time has come to invest.

This is what Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel and the SPD in Hesse envisage:

  • Put an end to the investment backlog: Allocate 100 million euros more each year for road construction!
  • Upgrade bus and train services to get commuters on the train.
  • Accelerate planning and construction.
  • Establish cleaner city centres.
  • Provide better connections for rural areas.
  • Take on challenges as a whole: establish affordable houses, where people want to work – and create jobs, where they stay.

Accommodation may not be a luxury

Therefore, we will develop a large number of affordable rental apartments and protect tenants from rent increases. We will fight speculation on property. Because a home should be a place to live. Over the next five years, we will build 30,000 additional homes for people with average to low income.
The federal state has many public plots of land. We want to make these available quickly and at a reasonable price to build affordable housing.

This is what Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel and the SPD in Hesse envisage:

  • The most important measure: build, build, build!
  • Restrictions on rent increases in the federal residential building associations to one percent per year.
  • More funds for price-controlled residential construction.
  • More protection for tenants in the private real estate market.
  • More responsibility in provision of public land.
  • More affordable age-appropriate homes in rural areas.
  • More support for home constructors.